ATBS Analysis of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - December 6, 2017

Jim C. Klepper
Attorney at Law

The bills passed by the United States House of Representatives and Senate are reported to provide the biggest tax cuts in history. The bills, as passed, have significant differences that need to be resolved or “reconciled”. Now the House and Senate will be working to reconcile the bills before a final bill is sent to President Trump for his signature and implementation into law. While all the details are not clear, the evidence indicates that portions of the final bill will positively impact our clients while other parts of the finalized bill may not be so positive. Each individual’s tax situation is unique and ATBS will be available to advise clients in determining the impact of the new tax regulations on their personal situation shortly after the final bill becomes law.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with the best information and analysis possible at this time. To review this document, click here (PDF).

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