How long does a speeding ticket stay on your CDL?


As with all matters concerning your driving record, there will be varying outcomes depending on which state the ticket was issued in and how well your CDL traffic ticket lawyer understands the local laws. Although it is commonly believed that traffic violations and tickets eventually no longer show up on your driving record, the reality is that the offense will always be a part of your record – it’s the points that are reduced or eliminated after a certain number of years. The points on your record are what ultimately determine how severe the consequences of any offense will be, whether or not your license will be suspended, if your insurance rates will go up or your policy will be cancelled, and often how much you will pay in fines.

It’s important to remember that commercial drivers are always held to stricter standards by law enforcement. In most cases, what would be considered a minor offense in a personal vehicle is ruled as severe for a commercial driver – adding a larger number of points to your driving record, costing you more money in fines, and putting you at greater risk of losing your job or having your license suspended. While attending driving school to reduce the number of points on your record is a possibility for tickets received in your personal vehicle, it is not an option for commercial drivers who receive tickets.

For all of these reasons, one of the most important things you can do as a driver is keep your driving record as clean as possible,  your CSA score low, and to work with a qualified CDL traffic ticket defense attorney.

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in your commercial vehicle, it’s never advisable to just pay it without requesting a hearing. When you pay a ticket, you are automatically pleading guilty – and that results in the maximum number of points on your record. Our attorneys know the law in every state and defend drivers every day. We can work to help minimize the points put on your record and help you have the best possible outcome for your future and your career. Contact us today and let us start working to help you maintain your good driving record.


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