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I know that some of you may find this hard to believe but I am not a political junkie. I truly am not. In all honesty I would rather get poked in the eye with a sharp stick than be drug into a political argument. For the record, I am neither far right nor far left. I am something of a Goldilocks i... Read More

I understand that many of y’all (I can say that because I am from Oklahoma) may not really care which cases the U.S. Supreme Court decides to hear. Perfectly understandable. Many of the cases they hear are boring and lack any real sex appeal. And by sex appeal, I mean something that impacts... Read More

As you know, I am an attorney. That fact alone means that I have a grossly inflated sense of self. In other words, I sometimes tend to think that I am smarter than I really am. I know some you are thinking “I have read your articles and you, my friend, are not that bright to start with.&rdq... Read More

As you may have figured out through reading these articles, I am not a big social media guy. Sure, I write these articles and I am on LinkedIn and my business has a Facebook page and the other things, but not me. My goal is to have zero personal information on the internet. I am losing t... Read More

Early in the pandemic I wrote an article on Federal vs State Covid-10 Authority. I don’t remember the exact date I wrote it but it was early in the pandemic. I am going to say maybe the fall of 1987 or so. The article discussed the federal government’s ability to intervene in the... Read More

For the most part, I am pretty adventurous when it comes to new things. I will eat, drink, and am generally willing to try damn near anything that you put in front of me. Well at least once anyway. I am also pretty open to new developments in technology in cars, computers, phones, etc. All in a... Read More

Between online shopping and pretending to work, I have been busy surfing the internet this month. Let’s be honest, nobody (except truck drivers) really works that hard in December. With that being said, one thing I have noticed is that a lot of sites have their “year in review” t... Read More

If you are anything like me the phrase “de-fund the police” certainly gets my attention. It is a hot button in society at the moment and at least one proposed way to reduce racial disparities in policing. With that being said, I absolutely want everyone to be treated equally and ... Read More

If you’re anything like me, the phrase “defund the police” certainly gets your attention. It’s a hot button in society at the moment, and is at least one proposed way to reduce racial disparities in policing. With that being said, I absolutely want everyone to be treated... Read More

I was at a truck show recently when a driver, obviously distraught, approached me with a question. It turns out the driver’s truck had been broken into over the weekend, and he wanted to know what was going to happen with getting his belongings replaced. The truck was parked next to his h... Read More

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