Lawyers for Truckers


“We believe in truckers. They are good, honest, hard-working men and women – and without them, America stops moving. They’re committed to doing their jobs and we’re committed to helping them keep those jobs.”


Jim C. Klepper

Jim spent the early part of his law career as a prosecutor. This gave him an in-depth understanding of how the law enforcement side of things works, how lawyers and judges handle cases, and what to expect from the police.

It was through that experience that he realized the unfair standards placed on truckers and the lack of fair representation. He knew that drivers were losing their CDLs when it could have been prevented. Time and time again, he went to trial as a prosecutor against a driver who had no legal representation and that driver was found guilty. While many CDL attorneys would call this a successful career record, Jim called it the turning point. He knew he wanted to help truckers defend themselves against a system that was setting them up to fail.

That was 1990, one year before the CDL license was required nationwide. Jim left his job at the prosecutor’s office to create his own practice dedicated to helping truckers. His first step was to take the CDL exam himself, just so he could see what drivers were going through.

Since then, Jim and the team at Interstate Trucker have earned the trust of individual truckers and carriers nationwide, defending nearly 350,000 cases in every one of the continental 48 states.


Brad Klepper

Before joining the business with his father, Brad specialized in transactional law, business defense litigation, and intellectual property at a large national law firm. Those areas of specialty proved to be especially beneficial to clients of Interstate Trucker.

Brad has dedicated much of his time to DataQs challenges, which are challenges posed to the FMCSA for CSA incidents, to examine data and reports filed by law enforcement. These challenges have helped thousands of drivers keep their jobs. His understanding of the process in which reports are filed, the differences in laws from state to state, and areas in which mistakes are commonly made has been a critical factor in winning cases for his clients.

Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Oklahoma City University School of Law, receiving four separate American Jurisprudence awards for academic excellence. He has authored articles in numerous publications and spoken on topics ranging from CSA defense to litigation positioning.

Brad serves on the Arkansas Trucking Association Board, The Oklahoma Trucking Association Board and The Truckload Carriers Association Board of Directors, as well as being active with several other charity boards and advisories, including those focusing on higher education and non-profit services.


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