Even if you did make a mistake, you have legal rights.


CDL Lawyers

If you get a ticket – and pay it, you are pleading guilty, and it could end up costing you a lot more than money. You can lose your license and your job. And with changing laws and stricter regulations, it could happen much faster than you think.

But a citation is not a conviction unless you admit guilt by paying it. So don’t forego your rights – let the trucking lawyers at Interstate Trucker help you fight for an outcome that’s fair to you. In most cases, we can keep points off your record, reduce fines and keep your CDL from being suspended or revoked. Learn more about what you should do if you receive a ticket.

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Interstate Trucker will make sure you get your day in court and that someone is there, on your side. You’ll know in advance the nominal flat legal fee, so all you have to do is turn the worry over to your attorneys.

Each state has its own trucking laws. We will employ an attorney in your ticket jurisdiction to represent you at no charge to you if necessary. We know what it takes to win when our clients have everything to lose.

CDL defense is not one of the things we do, it’s the only thing we do. That’s how we’ve become the nation’s premier law firm for CDL defense. Let us help you save your time, money and license.


Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), is a safety initiative that was developed to help reduce the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries involving commercial motor vehicles. The data collected from roadside inspections and crash reports is used to identify unsafe behaviors and work to correct them through an interventions process.

You, as a commercial driver, CANNOT afford to be identified as "unsafe". Your career depends on it.