Can I Get a CDL With a DUI?


The short answer is yes. However, there are steps you should take to increase the likelihood of a trucking company hiring you after you get your license. Trucking companies have different policies on hiring drivers with past DUIs or serious offenses on their record, and some will not hire any driver with a DUI conviction. But there are things you can do to help improve the impression potential employers have of you.

Obtaining a copy of your driving record is an important step in making sure you provide accurate information about the date and details of your offense. You will need this information for any truck driving schools you attend or jobs you apply for. Your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles in your home state can provide you with this record as well as a CDL Handbook. The Handbook can help you study to obtain your CDL permit, which is required for truck driving school. Attending a truck driving school is not required before applying for a CDL, but it is highly recommended if you have a serious conviction on your record. Your attendance will show employers that you are serious about improving your driving record.

Upon completion of school, you are eligible to take your final exam and complete a road test with a state certified tester. Your results will be recorded with the state and if you pass, you can pick up your license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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