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Depending on which definition for recession you use, the U.S. is either in one or appears to be heading into one, with slow growth expected into next year.

According to Eric Crawford, ACT Research’s Vice President, Senior Analyst, supply-chain disruptions continue to moderate, and he expects a modest 2023 recession centered on the first quarter next year, "with a more material freight downturn having already started in Q2’22 and beginning to contract year-over-year in Q4’22.” Read More

April Coolidge was a real estate broker when the housing market crashed during the Great Recession. She decided to shift gears completely, follow in the footsteps of her father, and go to truck driving school.

The second-generation driver is now on her 11th year of driving with about 1.2 million safe driving miles under her belt, now working for Walmart Transportation and serving as a trucking industry ambassador as an American Trucking Associations (ATA) America’s Road Team Captain Read More

The business winds of change produce an effect called weathervaning, where companies tend to pivot in the direction of the flow. It also can also be called herd mentality.

Competition sometimes inspires creativity, but more often it inspires replication. A company feels its competition has an edge, so they evaluate what their competitor is doing and assume it must be right because they seem to be succeeding, and then they duplicate it. Read More

The cost of fuel is the biggest expense for motor carriers per mile.

Drivers OTR can run upwards of 130,000 miles in a year, and across all those miles a 1 MPG difference can save trucking companies more than $10,000 annually. This is why some companies offer fuel efficiency bonuses every month for drivers; because good fuel habits will help everyone in the long run. Read More

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for trucking fleet.

Even when it's “cheap," fuel it accounts for 19% of the vehicle’s marginal costs, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). However, back in 2012, fuel represented 39% of the vehicle’s marginal costs. It will be interesting to see where that percentage is for this year given that fuel was briefly near $6 a gallon in some areas of the country. Read More

At Melton Truck Lines (CCJ Top 250, No. 84) drivers can take their home time anywhere in the country. That was a big selling point for Zeno B., a Gen Z driver from Texas that joined Melton at 21 years old in May 2021.

“He has been able to see cities he never thought he would be able to. He said he's able to trip plan so he's able to get into different national parks,” Melton Recruiting Manager Delaney Rea said during a TCA webinar this week on changing demographics in trucking where panelists discussed what Gen Z finds appealing about trucking careers, what Gen Z looks for in a job posting that encourages them to apply, and no- or low-cost things that are simple and quick that companies can implement to attract Gen Z – the youngest working generation. Read More

President Joe Biden in August signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found is unlikely to have any influence on inflation.
Read More

Daimler Trucks North America is recalling approximately 4,006 model year 2020-2023 Western Star 47X and 49X trucks, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. Read More

My first job out of high school was installing fire and burglar alarms.

Hold on. Let me back that up. I wasn't actually installing them. I was doing all the crap-work that went into the installation process so that someone else could actually install it.

I was an apprentice: a fancy word for do-boy. Read More

During the first five years of his marriage, Rob Hatchett and his wife attended an annual marriage retreat where they received assignments to have conversations about a given topic, like money.

The same principle goes for driver pay, said Hatchett, president of Fleet Intel, a tool that helps carriers analyze and compare driver pay, benefits and other offerings.
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