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Waiting for the next regulation to take effect is a way of life in the trucking industry. Last year’s electronic logging device mandate, and changes to the hours-of-service regulations before that, are part of an ongoing cadence of new requirements that cause carriers and drivers alike to evolve and adapt to new realities of business and life on the road. Read More

A bill introduced in both the House and the Senate would restore the per diem tax deduction benefit for company drivers that was lost to in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The deduction saved drivers hundreds — if not thousands — a year in tax liability, depending on how many days a year they worked. Read More

In a monthly regulatory update posted this week, the U.S. Department of Transportation has listed June 7 as the projected publication date for its coming proposal to alter federal hours of service regulations for truck operators. Read More

A block of 63 lawmakers in the U.S. House has penned a letter to transportation appropriation leaders asking them to allow drivers hauling livestock and bees to remain exempt from compliance with the federal electronic logging device mandate through the 2020 fiscal year — Sept. 30, 2020. Read More

Management at Epes Transport believed they were losing some recruits while drivers waited for the next orientation class to start. Read More

One of the most effective ways to boost a truck’s fuel efficiency is to decrease the amount of friction created by its forward motion. Read More

The annual International Roadcheck 72-hour inspection blitz will be held June 4-6 with a focus on steering and suspension systems. Read More

With each new Greenhouse Gas emissions standard, diesel engine after treatment systems get more complex and that’s a trend unlikely to change in the years ahead. Read More

The U.S. DOT is forming an internal council intended to address emerging transportation advancements like self-driving vehicles, among other technologies. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao took to the tech-heavy South by Southwest Conference in tech hub Austin, Texas, to announce the council’s creation Tuesday. Read More

After 2018’s electronic logging device mandate ushered in a new era of visibility of hours-of-service compliance, 2019 will be a time of transition regarding the use and enforcement of ELDs and potential changes to HOS regulations, said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Raymond Martinez during an address at the 81st Annual Truckload Carriers Association Convention in Las Vegas. Read More

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