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Whether it’s next week or next year, trucking will play no small role in deploying COVID-19 vaccines around the U.S. The hauls are likely to be trickier and more sensitive than other types of freight, and the extreme temperature requirements of some of the vaccines poses hurdles. Read More

A recent before-and-after analysis of driver logbook data by EROAD shows the preliminary impacts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s revised hours-of-service (HOS) rule on fleets and drivers. Read More

FMCSA blocks Washington state’s meal and rest break laws

The U.S. DOT has blocked another state from enforcing state-level laws that require motor carriers to grant truck drivers periodic meal and rest breaks. Read More

The coronavirus pandemic battered just about every business segment imaginable for at least some period of time this year, but the trucking industry fared better than many. Read More

U.S. net trailer orders for October set an all-time record at 56,500 units, according to preliminary data released Friday by FTR, leaping 9% month-over-month and 68% year-over-year. Trailer orders for the last 12 months now equal 249,500 units. Read More

The supply (capacity) side of the freight market has become very tight in 2020, but not because equipment is scarce. A driver shortage, more than anything else, has put the trucking industry in a position to chase rate increases for perhaps the next two years. Read More

There’s an old saying that most of us know only too well: As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. But will the same hold true for zero emissions? Read More

The CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, which faced frequent crashes and lingering technical hang-ups in its initial rollout earlier this year, will face another big test in the coming eight weeks as hundreds of thousands of motor carriers and owner-operators are expected to hit the system for the first time. Read More


Truck drivers whose hazardous materials endorsements have expired since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic may now have through the end of the year, at least, to renew the endorsement. Read More

In his annual address to the American Trucking Associations’ Management & Exhibition Conference on Monday, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear highlighted the challenges presented to motor carriers by the COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding state shutdown orders — and lauded the industry’s response to those trials. Read More

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