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It’s the holiday season – a season of giving.

When you’re out shopping for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal, you’re likely to see an option to donate canned goods. Your company may run a toy drive to donate gifts to less fortunate children at Christmas. Angel Trees pop up. Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child are packed. And soup kitchens are overrun with volunteers. Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a flashy term thrown around without merit. Rather, industries across the board are broadening use of technology applications to improve industry standards and drive greater efficiency. Read More

Hair metal rockers Cinderella struck gold (double-platinum, actually) in the late 1980s with "You don't know what you've got (till it's gone)" – a nearly 6 minute power ballad about love lost.

Fast-forward 31-years to the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers herded in homebound masses to local stores in search of dietary staples, and with rare and sporadic exceptions (toilet paper) never had to experience the pain of not knowing what we had until it was gone thanks to the trucking industry. Read More

Workforce development, the environment, infrastructure and the supply chain – those were highlights of the conversation on the state of trucking in North America and around the world at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition in San Diego.
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"Nothing happens until someone sells something" is a business idiom that's been around since the dawn of accounts receivable, but the reality is that nothing happens until someone collects something.

Cash is king but cash flow is its equally regal cousin, especially as we enter a period of economic volatility and uncertainty. However, Lee A. Klaskow, Bloomberg Intelligence senior freight transportation and logistics analyst, speaking at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) in San Diego Monday, said he wasn't certain that a U.S. economic recession was imminent. Read More

Shannon Tinker attended diesel tech classes at Orange Southwest School District in Vermont in high school where she was told by her male cohorts that she “belonged in the kitchen.” Tinker, who gained her passion for mechanics as a child working with her father on “anything with an engine," ignored the naysayers and proceeded to enroll and graduate from Ohio Technical College, where she was the only woman in her class.
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Rising fuel prices, an embattled economy and growing pressure to cut carbon has buoyed interest in trucking aerodynamics despite some trepidation that remains over driver-deployed boat tails. Read More

The wait for delivery of Tesla’s long overdue Semi will soon be over… for Pepsi.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Thursday night tweeted that production on his company’s “500 mile range & super fun to drive” electric tractor would soon commence with “deliveries” set for December 1. PepsiCo ordered 100 Semis in December 2017, just weeks after the truck made its debut and told CCJ at that time it would deploy the trucks across its snacks and beverage businesses. Pepsi expected to get 15 Tesla Semis last year before production was delayed again as part of the drink and snack company's Near Zero-Emission Freight Facility Project in Modesto, California. Read More

With rising fuel prices, falling freight demand and other factors, truck drivers are leaving considerably more driving hours on the table than a year ago, according to data collected by freight matching platform FleetOps. Read More

Nuclear verdicts are on the rise, and insurance rates are right there along with them.

Insurance is one of the top five most costly line items on a trucking company’s budget behind driver compensation, fuel and equipment, according to an analysis of the operational costs of trucking by the American Transportation Research Institute. With fuel prices up and demand for freight capacity lowering, trucking companies are looking for ways to trim insurance rates, and industry experts say investing in technology, combined with other factors, can help. Read More

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